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"Cool wear for cool weather"


X-tremely Cool Weather Masks

  Wicked Wear face masks are made in the U.S.A. with two unique fabrics. One is Neoprene, commonly used to make Wet/Dry suits. These masks are 2MM thick for complete water and wind resistance wiith light fleece inside for maximum warmth and comfort.
  The other material is Polartec
(Thermal Stretch) a thin, light- weight, pliable, nylon-type fabric allowing flexibility with movement, excellent for activities in the snow. In addition, the fleece inside is moisture absorbent allowing your skin to breath and still maintaining body temp in cold weather.
  Wicked Wear Masks are tailored to contour down your neck and tuck into your jacket for complete insulation from the wet and cold weather elements.
  Most masks available in two sizes Large and Small, some in Half masks, all in Full Face.


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